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Fideach Angling Club

Easy access to estuary, river, and loch fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout, located on the Isle of Lewis.

Fideach Angling Club

Fideach Angling Club was formed by an enthusiastic group of local fishermen in 2003 after acquiring a 21-year lease on the Laxdale/Blackwater estuary and rivers.

Initially, the club implemented an improvement programme to increase fish numbers to their former sustainable levels following on from decades of netting rights being leased, illegal netting, and neglect. The fishings had spiraled into an almost irreparable state, verified by electrofishing surveys and redd counts. The latter being no redds found the year prior to the formation of the angling club. A stocking programme was implemented on the advice of the Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust. This Regenerated the fisheries, resulting in positive catch returns and providing opportunities for anglers.

We have both Estuary, River, and Inland Loch fishing with Salmon and Sea Trout.
River – Blackwater and Laxdale.
Estuary – Tong pool and Steinish Pool.
Inland Loch – Garbhaig.

We have an average membership of 50 anglers, open to both Locals and Visitors.

Club waters

Steinish Pool

Brief description of fishery:

Steinish Pool and tidal water are approximately 0.5 miles long by 60 feet wide. The pool is tidal, depths vary dependent on the tidal conditions. Access and fishing are available from the South shore for Sea Trout and Salmon.


Steinish Village, Isle of Lewis. NB446340. Parking is available along the fore shore.

Tong Pool

Brief description of fishery:

Tong Pool and tidal water are approximately 0.5 miles long by 60 feet wide. The pool is tidal, depths vary dependent on the tidal conditions. Access and fishing is available from the West shore for Sea Trout and Salmon.


Shore Track, Aird Tong, Isle of Lewis. NB455359. Parking is available along the foreshore.

River Laxdale

Brief description of fishery:

Laxdale River is approximately 5 miles long, the main river runs east from the Barvas hills. Along its route, there are a number of fishing pools for brown trout, sea trout, and salmon. Fish numbers are dependent on the river being in spate, allowing fish to move freely into the system.  Fishing is available from the bank.


Ravens Lane, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. NB429346. Parking is limited on the access track, please be considerate to local residents.

River Blackwater

Brief description of fishery:

Blackwater River flows out of Loch Mor an Starr 4 miles northwest of Stornoway on the A857 to Barvas and is used as a backup water supply for Stornoway, once the town’s main supply. Along the route, there is limited bank fishing available for brown trout and sea trout. There is heightened activity during and after the spate.


Access is from the Newmarket to Tong Road (B895) NB436366 Limited parking available in road laybys.

Loch Garbhaig

Brief description of fishery:

Loch Garbhaig feeds a feeder stream that enters the Laxdale River.  It lies on the northern side of Ben Thulabaigh, on the junction of the A858 and the Pentland road to Breasclete and Carloway, 4.5 miles west of Stornoway. Though some fish enter the loch in July, the majority stay within the estuary, running later in the season. It is here the system comes into its own offering possibly the best estuary fishing for salmon and sea trout in the Hebrides with more than 95% of salmon and sea trout being caught in the sea as well as some large estuary trout, one of 5lb was caught in 2008. Predominately bank and wader fishing is available.


Pentland Road, Marybank to Achmore Junction (A858). Take the track to the 6 turbine Pentland Road wind farm. NB365352. Parking is available at the head of the loch.

Membership & Tickets

The annual membership is due on the 15th of March each year and lasts for one calendar year* or in the event of a member joining part way through the year, the remainder of the calendar year. Members will not be able to fish until they have renewed their membership.

*Fishing is only available from 15th April to 15th of October.

There are three membership categories:

  • Full member: Those aged 18 to 64 at joining/renewal.
  • Senior Citizen: Those aged 65 and over at joining/renewal.
  • Junior member: Young persons up to the age of 18 at joining/renewal.

Payment – We accept payment by credit or debit card.

To join or renew online, click on the relevant button below and complete your details.

Full Member£25.00
Senior Citizen£20.00
Junior Member£15.00
Day Ticket£15.00



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